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Great Press for GG's Pin-up Couture !

Well it's been a really exciting month so far! Earlier in the month I spoke to the South Wales Echo and to Wales Online about my struggle with depression and how I've used craft and millinery in particular to overcome my demons. You can read my interview here. I went away after being interviewed thinking it was going to be a little column somewhere on Wales Online but I was thrilled to find that I ended up on the front page of the South Wales Echo! It felt pretty strange to be honest, particularly as I was laying myself bare to the world and telling everyone that I'd been ill. I'm glad I did it though as I hope someone else who is suffering might be encouraged by it. Depression is nothing to be ashamed about! Not only was I on the front cover but I had a double page spread with loads of pictures of me and my hats from GG's Pin-up Couture! Pretty amazing!

Then about a week later I was contacted by a client to say that she had worn a mask purchased from my Etsy shop to the Save Venice Ball. Here is the lovely message I received:

Dear GG -
I found your company and purchased through Etsy last year the amazing
Black Galleon Half-mask Fascinator with ethically sourced ostrich plumes I am a board member of the Save Venice Society in Boston, MA and I wore it to our annual masked ball (the NY ball was just last weekhttp://www.vogue.com/…/save-venice-black-and-white-masquer…/). I can send you pictures if you'd like - your mask was the winner of the night!

As mentioned in the lovely email from my client, the event is covered by Vogue magazine so it is pretty big in the fashion world! 

Picture of Elizabeth wearing the mask by GG's Pin-up Couture

So to sum up I'm feeling pretty happy right now with the direction GG's is going in! Long may all this attention continue l)

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