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22 Random Facts About Me!


I am a mummy to one amazing daughter who is nine years old 

I went to art college but quit in favour of English Literature. (the art called me back!)

I have a lazy eye. My left eye does not work, is completely shut down unless I close my right eye. This makes me look quite odd in pictures.

I am an only child

I have a scar above my lip from a dog bite when I was 10. Not the dog's fault as she was blind and I got too close but it's left me with a sexy scar :)

I am married to Twm Gardner who teaches Photography and makes strange films

I taught A Level English Literature and GCSE English for 5 years along with A Level Media Studies. I intended to do academic research but quit everything to do with Literature just before applying for my ph.D

I live with chronic anxiety and depression which I've had since I was little

I am vegan. 

I am addicted to squeezing spots and ingrown hairs. I have a serious problem! 

I got 3 As at A Level (yay me!) and was offered a place at Oxford which I refused because I was

My favourite band of all time are the Manic Street Preachers closely followed by the Smiths. Then Pixies. Then Nick Cave...

I am addicted to red lipstick. I am depressed if I forget to wear it.

I am double-jointed. 

I bite my nails and eat them

I once fell off a stool in front of James Dean Bradfield. He saw...

I am obsessed with swimming. Swimming is my drug - when I am in the water all my worries disappear!

I have 3 tattoos

I am teetotal

I dye my hair. My natural colour is dark blonde. I have been every colour under the rainbow but mainly black with a bettie page fringe. I recently dyed it blonde. I miss the dark side though so I've just bought a darker colour. Going to try and do 'ombre' :S 

I have a phobia about talking on the phone

My favourite food is a crisp red apple


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