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Some New Designs...and some Best-Sellers

This week has seen lots of people come to me for their Ascot fascinator, I've taken on several commissions as well as selling some of my classic designs. I've also added a few new pieces to my collection (visit www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk) and will be gradually adding more. I've had these pieces for a good while and am pleased they've finally been photographed so that I can share them with you!

Floral Crown, Flower Headdress, Fascinator, Ascot, Millinery, Hats, Bridal
Summer Fruit Floral Crown Fascinator

Ice Cream Fascinator, Glitter, Hat, Kitsch, Ascot, Kawaii, pinup, vintage, rockabilly
Pink Glitter Ice Cream Fascinator

Kitsch Fascinator, quirky, frog, lily pad, ascot
Lily Pad Frog Fascinator

So what have been this week's best-selling pieces? The run away success has been my classic Tap Fascinator - with a tap 'suspended' in mid air to give the illusion of running water. I wanted to create a kind of garden 'habitat' with this piece, so have included little lizards to make it seem like it was a living piece.

Surreal Fascinator, hat, ascot, millinery, headpiece, avant garde
Model: Nixe Phoria
And there's this one, which is another classic of mine :)

rockabilly, kitsch, vintage, cherry, fascinator, hat, buy hat, millinery
Pile of Cherries Fascinator

Need a fascinator for a special occasion? Email me at ggsretroheaven@googlemail.com for a chat and we'll come up with something bespoke or visit www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk to view my collection.

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