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Lazy Saturdays and My First Cold of Autumn/winter


This week has been pretty strange! Not least because we've had some bad news about a family member which has made things feel a bit surreal but also the weather's become decidedly autumnal and the days darker than normal. I've also had a crappy cold which has really slowed me down in terms of work and productivity. 

It's difficult running a business on your own when you feel like crap and, although most of my customers are lovely & understanding (99.999%), I hate not being able to work at usual GG's speed! 

No matter. 

Me and Andrew have been going in lovely Autumn walks. I love the woods! 

Andrew with his massive beard and can of Rubicon. 

We went to Castell Coch woods. It's magical there - there's an actual castle painted with fables and fairy tales! 

Dark skies looming 

Turned out out nice though! 

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