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Rockabilly Hair Flowers!

I've been busy making some new rockabilly hair flower designs to add to my shop! I love things like cherries, butterflies and other little critters, as can be seen in my shop. These pieces are no different, with spiders and lizards as well as simple classic retro styles like my single Lilies!

No rockabilly girl's hair is complete without a cute little flower! Complete your style with one of mine available here: www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk

rockabilly hair flower style lily pinup vintage 50s pink
This one is just £4! You can buy it here

rockabilly flower with spider tropical ggs
Available here

rockabilly hair flower black red orchid small pinup style vintage
Buy me here

rockabilly hair style flower pinup accessories orchid vintage
Lizard Clip

rockabilly hair flower pinup retro vintage pink orchids by ggs pinup couture
Peacock flower

rockabilly hair flower bridal pinup hummingbird orange vintage gg's

My full range can be seen and purchased at www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk 

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