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Custom Fascinators

I love custom orders! Recently I've had the pleasure of making several pieces for a customer in New York who's getting married and wanted some pieces for an after wedding party he's having.

The first was this Giant Glittered Bow piece. My customer allowed me to choose the colour so I went with purple. I think it works well (plus it's one of my favourite colours!)

glitter bow fascinator large purple quirky kitsch bespoke gg's

The second piece is a Toadstool piece. It's waiting for a fairy to sit on one of the mushrooms so isn't 100% complete. I'd like to do one with butterflies or an Alice in Wonderland caterpillar smoking a pipe!

red and white toadstool hat glitter quirky cute custom millinery fascinator gg's

This piece (below) is obviously an ash-tray piece. My customer insisted on the lipsticked ends! I think it looks great - really decadent and trashy! Since this picture was taken my customer has asked that I add chewing gum and napkins with scribbled telephone numbers (like you would see in a pub (or used to when smoking was allowed)

ashtray hat fascinator cigarette decadent trashy bespoke custom piece millinery surreal

I have more to share with you soon. Email me on ggsretroheaven@googlemail.com if you're interested in a custom piece - no idea too crazy! 

My full range can be seen and purchased at www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk 

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