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My Week

So, what's been happening at GG's Pin-up Couture's headquarters this week then?

1. Getting my Brand 'Out There'

I have my business head on at all times but this week I have turned it up a notch or two. I've decided that I need to take the bull by the horns so to speak in terms of getting my brand and business out there. I've written a Press Release to send out to the local news (I thought starting with Cardiff would be best to test the waters) & have sent it to the two main news publications, Cardiff Life and the South Wales Echo. Cardiff Life responded straight away, accepting my Press Release and agreeing to feature me in the month's Business News! Fingers crossed it all materialises! I will chase it up next week to cement the arrangement! I am waiting to hear from the Echo but I've heard that sometimes you need to follow up sending a Press Release with a phone call to see if it's been received so I'll do that on Monday. I will keep you all posted. If any of you run a business or need to write a good quality Press Release there are hundreds of guides on the net, but the best one by far is the one on Rock and Roll Bride.com. It's straight to the point and full of tips from someone with experience within my own business niche. Which is priceless in my opinion. I won't count my chickens yet though but the advice given by Debbie Carlisle in this article seems to be working already for me! My next task is to tailor my Press Release to other non-local publications.

2. Updating my Website and Adding New Stock

This is an ongoing task for me. I don't have traditional collections like Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter that are added in bulk twice a year but rather I prefer to add bits continually. I like to have fresh content and like to keep the designs moving and my ideas fresh. I've been slowly adding stock to my website from the shoot me and my fiance Andrew did with models Nixe Phoria and Naomi Shalom a couple of weeks ago. The images are fantastic and Andrew is such a perfectionist that each picture takes him about 3 hours to edit. They turn out amazingly well but he has to put up with me nagging him for more pictures as I'm so excited to share them with Facebook and to add them to my shop! I must ease off the nagging though as he works full time as a lecturer and commutes so by the time he gets home the last thing he wants to do is edit images. Cue me with pouting lip. This is what I've added so far:

Screwball Fascinator
Glittered Dramatic Mask

Ivory RosPurple and Band





I have around six more to add and have a queue of fascinators ready to take more pictures of. Poor Andrew!

3. Completing Custom Orders

I make custom pieces for ladies (and gents) wanting something specific. Here are some of the pieces I've made this week!

There are more than this and I have uploaded them onto my facebook page.

Next week I'm going to be making more designs for my new range and trying to organise another shoot! I will keep you updated but until then, have a lovely weekend!

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