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If I had the Money Wednesday (on Thursday this week!)

 Due to me being crazy busy yesterday making hats I had to postpone this week's If I had the Money Wednesday until today. I've been thinking lots about what I'm going to write about this week & I remembered a brand of clothing that I've adored for a few years now. I've not bought anything from this company yet, but for me it's one of the best around. The brand is Tarantula Clothing.

Wild Catsuit by Tarantula Clothing $100.00

In terms of style I would describe Tarantula Clothing as completely Femme Fatale. The style is more edgy than other brand within the niche of vintage reproduction clothing. Also, I love the length on their skirts and dresses. As a rule I never wear anything above the knee dress and skirt-wise and even then it has to be the right length for me - I don't like the length to be too close to the knee but for the hem to sit around mid-calf.

Amazingly Perfect Pencil Skirt! $49.99
Smoothy Dress in Blue $90.00
Plaid Skirt: enquire at Tarantula Company for price
Smoothy Dress in Red $90.00
Sex Kitten Capris £84.00
I think all of their designs are amazing and have been soooo tempted to invest in a few pieces over the past months! Plus you don't have to order from the US to get your hands on some of these pieces. Ozone Clothing I believe are the UK's only stockist & have quite a wide range of Tarantula Designs in their range as well as lots of other cool rockabilly designers for both girls and guys! What do you think of these designs? I think they're perfect for vamping it up to the max!

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