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To Blog or not to Blog

I've been meaning to blog for ages. It's been another one of those things I just never seem to have time for! It's silly really as I always have so many ideas for posts and images and it doesn't really take that long to write something down, even if it's just a couple of lines to say what I've been up to. I've tried to start blogging a couple of times before and have made the mistake of making a big announcement about it on Facebook, linking in to my blog page and promising that I'm going to blog 'loads' only to get completely distracted by the 'hecticity' of my life. So, the first thing I'm NOT going to do is announce my return to blogging, just yet, to see if I can make it to at least a running total of posts.

I also promise that my blog will not be exclusively about hats. My job, for those of you who don't know, is a milliner and designer. Something I have found myself doing after years and years in education studying English Literature. Goodness knows how I ended up doing this, but I love it, but I want this blog to be a little more than a marketing PR tool for my business (yes, blogs are incredible for business, apparently!)

Apart from my job, I'm a mum, an avid reader, arty farty person, fitness enjoyer-of, animal lover, mental health campaigner (in my small way) and, this year a wedding planner (mine. In May) so I'll probably write lots about those things too, just general day-to-day musings, not trying too hard, possible hat ideas etc.

Today I've spent the afternoon trying to take some pictures and videos of some ready made hats that are ready to post. I've added these to my shop, so do feel free to have a look. I'm really lucky as my house has enough rooms so that me and my fiance can have our own little studios. It's not a posh house, and we're by no means wealthy, it's just one of those larger Victorian terraces that are quite long and have lots of space. Andrew, my fiance, has a little photography studio-come-art space with lights that I can use to quickly take pictures for customers who want to see their bespoke orders or, like today, for some quick, well-lit images for the shop. Usually Andrew insists on taking the pictures as he's a bit of a perfectionist (and probably secretly doesn't trust me not to break one of his expensive lights as he knows how clumsy I am!) Anyway, I took a few snaps and some quick videos to show my designs in their 360 degree glory & have uploaded them onto my site.

I was really pleased that two of my designs sold almost instantly, so I'll probably make a habit of uploading ready to post items. Signing off for now - let's see if I manage to keep this up!

Peachy-keen Jelly bean

Kawaii Bow 

Flower Pot Fascinator

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