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Sneak Peek

Hello! I hope your week is going well so far! Mine's been super busy. I've got lots of orders on at the moment and I'm also trying to organise a shoot for this Thursday which is taking a while to come together. I'm sure I'll get there though. This is the first time I've organised a shoot with models I don't know (usually I've my friends have modelled for me or there has been at least one friend as a model) and with a make-up artist. I'm lucky photographer-wise as my fiance is pretty good at taking photos and has all the top notch equipment (it's actually a bit of an obsession with him. He has over 100 cameras!) otherwise I'm sure organising this shoot would be much harder than it has been.

We'll be taking pictures of my new fascinators as well as taking some more arty shots, if we've time. I'll be sure to take plenty of behind the scenes pictures too as I'm planning on blogging about it. I've got dozens of fascinators and headpieces to shoot, so I may need to spread it over two shoots - we shall see how it pans out.

Anyway, so far this week I've been finalising the finer details on some orders before they were posted. I was lucky enough to be able to remake my Carmen Miranda headpiece - I LOVE making this one - it's just so much fun and helped me feel summery despite the icy temperature outside! Here is my finished version, ready to ship. It was purchased on my Etsy shop:

carmen miranda headpiece, handmade, ggs, fascinator, rockabilly, burlesque, summer, ascot, vintage
Freshly made Carmen Miranda piece
The same customer also purchased my Bohemian Cherry Blossom fascinator, which is bursting with spring flowers, Cherry Blossoms and cherries as well as cute little birds:

cherry blossom head piece floral cherry avant garde ascot bridal
Cherry Blossom Piece by GG's Pin-up Couture
And I also made a Sunflower headband with little bluebirds which was a bespoke request. The customer requested lots of sunflowers in different sizes for a gospel event! Sounds intriguing! Hopefully she will send some pictures of her wearing it as I love seeing my hats 'in action' as it were.

sunflower fascinator headband ggs ascot bridal vintage style pinup

Tomorrow I'll be finishing off some pieces I'm sending to Vintage Life magazine for a competition I'm running with them & also finishing some orders from my site, then I'll be frantically getting things ready for the shoot on Thursday. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan!

Gail xx

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