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If I had the Money Wednesday

If I Had the Money Wednesdays...

This is a totally random idea based on the fact that 1. I don't have the money for new clothes 2. If I did have the money, I couldn't buy new clothes as there's no point because I spend most of my time getting mucky in my workshop making fab hats for my shop and would never wear them/ruin them. I am an overall/dungarees/apron wearing girl most days but I love to look at clothes and accessories and imagine, putting outfits together for some imaginary event. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and am not moaning at ALL - this is merely a self indulgent exercise; one of my pastimes if you will.

Ok so this outfit centres around rockabilly & what can be found that is rockabilly on the high street. It centres around this dress:

Bardot Dress: £14.99 New Look
This is a classic rockabilly/vintage style and is so timeless. It's a perfect below-the-knee length and could be dressed up with heels & leopard print, for example or dressed down with flats and a cardi (once the weather gets nice).

Leopard L'amour wedges by hello-holiday.com
This is a summery evening type event now, in my imagination. I saw these shoes on hello-holiday.com and they're just perfect! I can't usually walk in anything high but these would look so amazing with the dress I'd have to try. It's nice to see leopard print done with a colour other than red too.

Biker jacket essential!

rockabilly blog vintage lifestyle
Or dress slightly casual with a cute little cardigan, I love Collectif's collection!

Both cardigans from www.collectif.co.uk

Both colours would look great, and I love how the blue clashes with the yellow leopard print. I love clashing colours! and I love this cosy bright pink cardigan from topshop.com, Massive hair flower also required. Luckily I make them as part of my job so I have access to lots of beautiful hair flowers like this one:
rockabilly hair accessories bespoke pinup gg's
Giant Star Lily Flower by Gg's Pin-up Couture
Rainbow brooch by Velvet Volcano

Anyway, I must stop my imaginary shopping. What do you think? I think I'm planning for Summer already!

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