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If I had the money Wednesdays...Beauty Staples

 No, I don't mean metal staples that are especially adapted for the purpose of beauty, I'm talking about those things we cannot live without and that form the basis of our beauty routines.

One of my essentials, and this has been the case since I was in my late teens, is red lipstick. I have dozens, and like my fellow blogger Mrs D, probably have a sample of every brand in most examples of the crimson spectrum. All very interesting, but what has this to do with If I had the money Wednesdays I hear you cry! Well, I've been thinking that I use a LOT of red lipstick. It's a colour I don't save for special nights out - I like to wear it on the school run too. It makes me feel glamorous and if I'm not wearing it, it makes me feel as though I'm not fully made-up, as though something's missing. I do wax lyrical about it because I have been know to get terribly depressed if I've gone out for the day and have accidentally forgotten my lipstick and have gone around clubs asking if anyone has any red lipstick I can borrow if I've misplaced/lost my own on messy nights out of yore. Pathological, maybe, but hey I'm passionate :) I'm also passionate about saving money. Logically if I have 20 odd red lipsticks floating around, something's gone wrong somewhere on the line! Some of them are completely worth the money whereas others are perhaps a false economy, needing so many applications that the lipstick melts away before you've alighted the bus en route to work.

With regard to this 'If I had the money' feature, I was thinking that I may as well put my wealth of lipsticks to use & give my opinion on each of the brands I have - a kind of database review of red lippies for your perusal and use to save you making the same mistake as me and buying more than you need or a brand that is not for you. I'm going to put them to the test.

I will put a different one on every day & give them the same challenges as well as rating them on
texture and pigment and if it is too drying or not. I'll also take before and after pictures to see if it lasts until the end of a cup of tea without needing another application.

Ooh la-la! I love!

 My first testee will be one I rather sneakily bought yesterday as I've heard great things about it. It's part of Lush's new range of cosmetics & is a fantastic shade of red that just grabbed my attention from across the way.

Here it is: It's called 'Decisive' & I'll be reviewing it tomorrow

From Lush's new makeup range - 'Decisive' red

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