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If I Had the Money Wednesday...£5 websites?

I've stumbled upon these quite by accident - I didn't really know there were so many of them! Apparently there are dozens of websites selling lovely clothes and such for £5! Everything is £5 - shoes, boots, dresses, jewellery...even coats! So you can imagine my excitement, me, reluctant to spend money on clothes, suddenly faced with some real temptation. The clothes seem to be really excellent value, but what about ladies like me who like a certain look and love rockabilly and vintage style? I decided to challenge the sites to see if they came up with any pieces I could add to my wardrobe and style into my own look.

I looked at shoes first. I was so excited I nearly wet myself when I saw these red creepers!

£5 everything5pounds.com
These have little studs and come in loads of other colours including pink! There is also the more classic version:

These also come in lots of different colours! I was excited when I saw these as I have been coveting a pair for ages & the ones I want cost about £70 - too expensive for me at the mo :( I think these would look cool paired with a cute dress or skirt and top combo. I spied this on the same site:

This would work as a top for me personally as I prefer to wear skirts that are below the knee in length, but that's just me.

This would work - it has the high waist I like. And this would look great too!

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What do you think of these new sites? Have you shopped with them before?

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