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Baking & Making

My weekend's been lovely. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual errands & I usually have orders to complete and try to do this when I get a chance (it's hard with a little one vying for my attention all the time). I promised myself when I started this work from home business that I would always give the best of my time to my daughter. It goes without saying really though, doesn't it, but I must admit it does get tricky around busier times to nip into my workroom without being disturbed by a little tap on my shoulder and a little voice asking me to play or to bake cakes.

When I do have to work, I've tried to include my daughter, Tlws, where possible & she even has a little space to draw and make things in my workshop. She loves it in there as she says she likes being 'creative'. With all my fabric, feathers, flowers & nick knacks it must be like heaven for her!

Anyway, this weekend I spent Saturday being quite busy, taking Tlws to piano, buying ingredients for baking fairy cakes & preparing some materials for custom orders from my shop. The weather was absolutely glorious in Cardiff and although it was the beginning of February, the air had a touch of spring in it. Plus, there was a kind of excited buzz in the air as it was the first match of the Six Nations and Wales were playing Italy.

In the afternoon we baked cupcakes. We used a simple recipe that used Self-Raising flour as I'd run out of Plain, and that was fairly quick and can be found here

Tlws in her Wales top about to crack an egg!

When baking I found myself longing for all the posh mixers I'd seen in fabulous kitsch kitchens over time & dreaming of being a baking goddess a la Nigella but, alas, I am not.

This is the mixer/blender I want: But my trusty £9.99 Dunelm handheld one will have to do until I'm rich. The results of our efforts are in the next pic (please excuse the awful picture - they really tasted much better than they looked & not at all bad for 10 mins worth of quick baking!)

Sunday I completed three bespoke pieces. The first was a giant daisy headpiece for a theatrical show in Canada:

Giant daisy heapiece - bespoke

The second piece was a blinged up version of my Cherry Cupcake Delight Fascinator, which had lots of little crystals added as it's for a Burlesque performer who needs her hat to sparkle!

The third was for another Burlesquer - Rainbow Sparkles - who commissioned me for a piece that includes a Roulette board, dice & playing cards for a new act she is showcasing soon! Here it is:



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