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The year so far! (update number 1)

Wow! What a whirlwind of a year - and it's only April :)

I had left you back in December with a quick update on my Christmas range, which proved very popular with my customers - particularly the leopard print fascinator with the little robin and the Christmas Berries flower. I feel I might have a reprise of those this Christmas. Hmmm. That is a long way away though and we've Summer to get through first!

Well, let me fill you in on the main events of the year so far!

1. Expanded range and new look website

Yes, I suppose the website isn't really *that* different to before but I've made a few improvements here and there. My fave part is the fruity floral montage on the home page! I love anything bright and tropical looking.

My range of products has expanded to include Hair pomades and sunglasses as well as more generally of my other things such as flowers and fascinators. I've sourced some fabulous pomades and have tried to cater for rockabilly guys as well as rockabilly gals! I have Schmiere for guys and girls, Sweet Georgia Brown and Murray's Superior which I absolutely had to stock because the King himself - Elvis no less - was rumoured to have used it in order to perfect his quiff!

I LOVE the packaging of this!

I've also got some Lucky 13 'Royal Flush' shampoo - can't have all this pomade around without something great to wash all that grease out ;)

I've added some great rockabilly and vintage hair tutorials to the site too.  Eventually I'd like to film my own tutorials -as soon as I pluck up the courage to bare myself on film I will add my tutorials too. Scary stuff!

the leopard print ones that sold out in 2 days

Geek chic a la 50s sexy secretary

Classic rockabilly style!

With Summer coming up I wanted to source some fantastic vintage inspired sunglasses. I could never find any I liked that were reasonably priced. After much searching online I found a company that had some great retro styles...and promptly placed an order. My sunglasses range has been so popular with the leopard print cats eye shades selling out in 2 days! And yes, I did order more than a few pairs ;p

Anyway, it's late now and I'm beginning to make silly spelling mistakes so I will continue this when I'm suitably refreshed.

Thanks for reading!

Gail x (GG)

You may purchase these products at www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk 

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