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Update Number 2! The year in a nutshell (not literally)

Sorry about the nutshell joke. Whenever someone says 'in a nutshell' I can't help but think of Alan Partridge pretending he's in one literally. Anyway, to move on to my promised update number 2!

Those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter will already have had a sneaky peek of what I'm about to write and the piccies I'm about to upload - so if you like gossip and want to have first dibs on offers, products sign up now via my facebook page here

So I was talking about the year so far, the crazy business escalation and my new website and range &etc. Now for some more exciting stuff with pics and all!

I suppose the biggest event I've been trading at so far in the young life of GG is the Welsh Burlesque Festival. Held at the end of March it was a hub of shimmaying and tassles and lovely talented lady dancers as well as a fayre with suitable fayre to sell. Alongside GG's Pin-up Couture, there was the lovely My Delilah aka Sandy Sure who makes fantastic costumes as well as amazing lolly pop accessories such as this:

A teeny picture but as you can see it looks fabulous! There was also the lovely vintage-inspired greeting cards of Sammy B, Prowling Leopard Designs, BlueBeadesque and lots more, information about whom can be found at the Welsh Burlesque Festival's site.

Unfortunately I didn't take many pics as I was way too busy, but there should be some up on the Festival's site pretty soon along with a video interview of me (quel horreur!) which I will probably try to avoid watching as I looked and sounded stupid.

Anna Fur Laxis to the Maxis!

Again, sorry for the awful play on words. I can't resist!

Earlier in March I was as pleased as punch to get a reply from the lovely Anna Fur Laxis' agent to say that Anna would love to model some of my fascinators! I've been a fan of Anna's for ages and love her fresh take on Burlesque and her mischievous air (she describes herself as a 'ninja'). I also contacted Flashes and Lashes as I'd heard a lot about their company as well as seen lots of amazing images of pin-ups and lovely ladies in vintage apparel. The ladies, Emma and Sali are lovely - so helpful and professional & it looks like they had a blast during the shoot as you'll see from the next photo. I just wish I could have been there too - I'd have loved to have met them all.
Ms. Moo of Flashes and Lashes and Anna Fur Laxis stop for a snack

Those of you who are fans of GG's on Facebook are probably sick of me posting that pic - but I love it! Haha!

My eyes are getting tired now as it's been a long day of creating, packing parcels and ideas so I'll bid you all adieu. I'll continue with all the gossip soon!

GG xxx

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