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Derby Girls Rock!


I would love to be a roller derby girl! I've always skated too, even in the early 90s when rollerblades threatened (and some would argue) succeeded in eclipsing the humble roller skate's popularity, there I was in my old school 80s style roller skates (you know, the suede ones with the laces and the numbers on the side). Anyway, I digress. Roller derby has made a comeback in recent years and I've quietly and happily witnessed the emergence of various clubs all around the country, and Cardiff's very own Tiger Bay Brawlers who began competing in early 2011 and who are making a big impact, and of course the CRoC ladies.

'But what's all this got to do with GG's Pin-up Couture?' I hear you cry. Well, first of all, many would agree that the roller derby scene is closely associated with a Rock and Roll ethos, rockabilly, tattoos and a general pin-up look, and the image of the women is one of slightly ruffled feisty glamour along side a kind of role play and character creation that I think emulates the intrigue of burlesque performers. Anyway, I don't want to write a history of roller derby as I know absolutely nothing about it apart from the fact that it looks awesome and I want to be a derby girl but I can't because I wouldn't last two seconds! 

Cynthia Frenette's design

Julie Lynch's design

 Instead I thought I would pay homage to roller derby another way. I sourced some fabulous fabric from the US - top left, an award winning design by Australian designer Cynthia Frenette, and below it a fantastic pop art style Derby Girls Rock! fabric, designed by fellow Australian Julie Lynch. Once these fabulous fabrics arrived (a loooong wait for it to travel from the US) I began my hair scarf design. I based the design closely on the other scarves I have in stock, making them nice and long so you have enough fabric to tie a good sized bow and made them fully reversible, lining them in bright red cotton for when you fancy a change.


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