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Catch up!

Ok, so I know I promised to write updates her a lot (see previous posts) but time flies when you're busy making things! So, apologies for not updating as much as I should be. LOADS of things have happened though over the past couple of weeks, good things, which I'll tell you about in due course. But FIRST of all I want to update you all on what new goodies I've been creating for my shop! I've been really inspired over the past few weeks and have been working day and night making stock for my upcoming shows and of course, for my shop.

The first product I want to introduce is a super cool leopard print number. I've always loved leopard print, and I use any excuse to integrate the pattern into a design! I think it makes everyone look classy and edgy and glamorous and is also, I suppose, a (not-so-secret) homage to my days as a hard-core Manics fan! Anyway, here it is:

I hope you all like it! I've always said I will never make anything that I wouldn't happily wear myself´╗┐, and this is no exception to that rule! Available now in my shop. Anyway, I'll write another post soon with more updates and some more gossip! Love, GG x


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