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Let me Introduce myself!

Hello - some of you may have arrived here directly from my website, and if so, you already have some idea of what GG's is about. For those of you who have stumbled across this blog another way let me give you the lowdown!

GG's Pin-up Couture is an online shop selling Rockabilly and pin-up inspired accessories and clothing! It was born out of my life-long love of all things 1950s, especially the music and the clothing, and I wanted to re-create some of the cuteness and classiness that we've come to associate with that time - the whole Rockabilly look. So expect cherries, flowers, sailor girl (and boy), lots of leopard print and gingham, polka dots and tattoo inspired apparel!

This first blog post of mine - first 'official' blog post at least is a chance fo me to introduce GG's Pin-up Couture and myself too I guess. I want to start by giving a basic visual tour of what my main influences are to date, and what I keep returning to again and again with my designs!

I will update this blog a LOT, so keep checking back for new products and ideas! But, for now  I will say adios! love GG x

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