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Hair Scarf-a-rama!


If you're like me, when you're having a bad hair day or just want a quick & easy hair do for the day time I often use a cool hair scarf tied at the front, 50s housewife style. I like my scarves nice and thick, with enough length to do a nice top bow at the front & was fed up of buying bandanas & scarves that only gave enough length for an itsy teeny bow at the front :/ (Or maybe I've just got a big head). Anyway, I've spoken to friends and customers to see what they would like in a hair scarf and it seems as though it is pretty unaminous - you guys want more length! And more quirky designs too, so I've made these scarves with this in mind. Each scarf is super-duper long - enough for a cute bow (or to wear as a belt even), is fully lined, reversible and comes in a variety of super kitsch designs. Take a peek at http:www.ggspin-upcouture.co.uk

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